Partnering with you in ministry


Licensing and Ordination

AARM provides two levels of membership and or credentialing for those involved in ministry or active service to the Lord. It is our desire to provide true Apostolic Spiritual alignment. We do so by building strong relationships and providing credibility through accountability.


Partnerships in Ministry


Becoming ordained into ministry is a milestone in the life of a minister. Ordination is a spiritual confirmation and public acknowledgement of God’s call upon your life by proven anointed ministry leaders. Upon recognition of God’s calling and gifting on your life, we will lay hands upon you while setting you apart for ministry. This is a very serious step in the eyes of the Lord and man. The decision to ordain is not taken lightly, but very soberly with much prayer and counsel concerning you and your family.


Licensing will be for a minimum period of one year. At the end of the licensing period, you will either move into ordination or continue in the licensing stage. However, a license will not be renewed if the minister fails to meet all the requirements outlined for ordination candidates during their licensing stage. Based on the experience level and background training, ordination candidates during their licensing stage may be required to take additional courses or classes or have other assignments, as well as ministry and accountability requirements.


All members must be connected with Rev. Sylvie Sudduth and…

1. Have a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ and adhere to the basic tenets of the Christian Faith.

2. Be baptized in water and by the Holy Spirit.

3. Be a man or woman of the highest character and integrity, maintaining a lifestyle worthy of the calling of an ambassador of our Lord Jesus Christ while manifesting the fruits of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23).

4. Have a confirmed call and gifting on your life for ministry, with vision and direction from the Lord.

5. Have a Biblical education or equivalent.

6. Have a commitment and willingness to be accountable to Sylvie Sudduth and AARM leadership.

7. Be of good reputation and in good standing with a local congregation.

8. Keep good financial records and stay in compliance with all state and federal laws.

Potential members must submit:

Completed Apostolic ARM application along with three personal references (at least one being a pastoral recommendation).
$35.oo non-refundable application fee.
A current photo.
A single-page, typed, account of your personal testimony.
A single-page, typed, statement sharing what you believe your call to ministry is and why you want to be a member of AARM.

Upon receipt of the above items an interview meeting with Sylvie Sudduth will be set up. Once your three references have been received a decision will be made as to application approval.

For more information on membership in Apostolic ARM, please contact Sylvie Sudduth at


Annual confirmation provides a point of accountability for each member, and it also provides a point of accountability for Sylvie Sudduth to be certain that she is providing appropriate leadership to every member.

Apostolic ARM credentials are renewed annually based upon the following criteria:

a. The minister’s character and family life is above reproach and in line with scriptural guidelines for ministry.

b. The minister is involved in ministry endeavors.

c. The minister has shown him or herself to be accountable to and is in good standing with Apostolic ARM and Sylvie Sudduth.

d. Has shown a desire to grow in relationship with Sylvie Sudduth.

e. Has shown a desire to grow and develop their calling and gifts.